Spark Art!

Spark Art is a whole new way to doodle, brought to you by the creators of "Fireworks Arcade"!

Spark Art is a fun-filled app for all ages! Paint original, sparkling creations, and save or share your work. Tap or drag to draw shapes, words, or objects that automatically come to life with dynamic, physics-based animations. Vary your strokes and speed to create interesting patterns and effects. Or just watch a display of sample art. Spark your imagination!


  • Simple drawing for all ages
    • Tap to create bursts of sparks
    • Drag to create animated paths
    • Shake to erase
    • Press the pause icon to show options
    • Save creations to your Saved Photos album.
  • Advanced drawing techniques
    • Multi-touch enabled
    • Experiment with strokes, speed, and timing
    • Draw while paused to synchronize effects
  • Effects and more
    • Great burst and sizzle sound effects
    • Tilt to control gravity
    • Over 50 sample drawings included